Bunker Hill Bitter

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Bunker Hill Bitter

The Royal Marines in Stonehouse, Plymouth

Work started on the Royal Marines Barracks in Stonehouse, Plymouth in 1781 and since then, it has been the home of the Royal Marines in Plymouth.  It is the oldest and most historically important barracks in England, not forming part of a fortification.  The high ground to the North and overlooking the Barracks was named "Bunker Hill" by the marines in honour of their famous battle honour.  Over the years, Bunker Hill has been the site of the Barracks Prison, the Infirmary and then the Barracks Girls' School.  Today the Royal Marines Commando Forces Sergeants' Mess sits on Bunker Hill.    

The Battle of Bunker Hill

The Battle of Bunker Hill took place on 17 June 1775 during the American War of Independence.  American rebels had taken the strategic northern heights above Boston and two subsequent attacks to dislodge the rebels were made by the British Army, under the command of General Sir William Howe.  However, both attacks were repulsed with heavy losses.  A third assault with a force of British Marines, under the command of Major John Pitcairn, was launched and this attack was pivotal in repelling the rebels and recovering Bunker Hill.

Brewed in Devon by Summerskills Brewery in Plymouth.