Hoofing Hound Commando Canine Dog Bed

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A British made, high quality, boxed duvet for your pet to snuggle into which is both soft and supportive. This is a medium bed, however (as modelled by the gorgeous Dexter), it is suitable for dogs up to Labrador size. It is also fully washable. The inner is filled with anti-ball polyester fibre and sectioned into three to help keep the Dacron in place and also to help avoid clumping if washed. The inner has a wipe down cover, this meaning it is not necessary to wash the inner, however the inner can be washed if necessary , the inner is best washed on wool wash to minimise wash/spin speed, the inner can be cool tumble dried or air dried. The zipped cover is a strong ½ panama fabric, as with all dark item please ensure this item is washed alone and washed prior to placing on any light surfaces to avoid dye transfer, we recommend 30 degree wash and cool tumble dry. 98 cm long x 62 cm wide x 15 cm deep.