Rope Regain DPM Print - Sarah-Marie Flint

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Rope Regains - Denims. Six key positions to perform a rope regain at the Bottom Field at CTCRM. Drawn with pencil. Painted in watercolours. Sarah Marie Flint is the wife of a former Royal Marine. Renown artist through out the Royal Marines world, she has done a lot of art work with images from her husband's photographs from training and war zones. Saran Marie Flint started to paint in 1980. Her earliest paintings were offshore power boats. Following this she began painting houses, portraits and artist impressions. Her artist impressions have been used on bill boards and in standard brochures. She is a member of The Society of Architectural Illustration. Over the past couple of years she has had the privilege to paint for the Royal Marines. Her paints are displayed at Bickleigh Barracks, Stonehouse Barracks and in private collections.  Sizes - Small: 255mm x 155mm.   Large: 365mm x 230mm.