Royal Marine GPMG Gunner - Bronze

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12" scale cold cast bronze resin sculpture of a Royal Marine carrying a GPMG on Patrol. This is a highly detailed and lifelike representation of the Marine and his equipment. He is dressed in multicam fatigues and wearing his webbing belt and bergan. He has a belt of 7.62 ammunition for the GPMG around his neck. For the marine version he is wearing his green beret, there is a commando patch on the shoulder and a Globe and Laurel is set into the base at his feet. Included is a personalised engraved brass plate.  

Every statue is proudly handmade in the UK and are used by all the marine units including 30, 40, 42 and 45 Commando as retirement gifts and presentation gizzits. 

If this product is not in stock or you require personalisation, it can take up to two weeks for delivery.  Please call us before ordering if you require urgently.