Royal Marines Crusted Port Set In Chest

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Special bundle of our three Ports. Red Mist - Body Snatcher - Nelson’s Blood. 2008 Fonseca Crusted Port, in a wood chest. Crusted is a rare, traditional style of Port wine. Crusted is a blend of full bodied wines which spend four years ageing in large wooden vats, the wines are then bottled with no filtration and then cellared for three years before being released for sale. As the name indicates, it will form a 'crust' or sediment in the bottle and should be decanted before being served. The formation of the crust is a natural process that occurs in the finest full bodied ports. It is an indication that the wine will continue to improve in bottle and develop its aroma and character with age. Fonseca Crusted is selected from the finest ports from the top quality Cima Corgo area of the Douro Valley and only made in small quantities.Please Note that the handle on the Chest is for display purposes only.