Sniper - Rickie Botwright

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Sniper - Rickie Botwright. A Royal Marine gets into position as a Sniper. This picture, painted in water colours, shows a Royal Marine getting into a fire position. Signed by the Artist. Rickie Botwright joined the Royal Marines in 1979. After completing a signals course in 1980 he joined 42 Commando RM with whom he served in the Falklands conflict and in Northern Ireland in 1984. Following promotion to Corporal he passed a selection for Special Forces signals and remained with the SBS at Poole until he left the Corps to join the Police service in 1990. Rickie retired from the police a Detective Chief Inspector and began painting in 2010. He paints in oil and watercolour drawing inspiration from his experiences in the Corps. He uses dramatic skies as a back ground for silhouette figures of Marines in various deployments around the world and in training. He recalls “it was always raining when I was on the ropes so I like to paint a moody and dramatic sky as a back drop to all my paintings.” Rickie donates a percentage from his sales to the RMA and has also auctioned art work for Help the Heroes, The Royal Anglians charity and Troop Aid.