The Waist-High Cornfield

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The Waist-High Cornfield
By Keith Taylor

The book is about my father's 46 Royal Marine Commando Unit which I have researched, designed and produced myself. The project has taken me 4 years to finalize and the idea was inspired by father's hand-written autobiography about his childhood and military career.

The book consists of 352 pages with stories, photos, and copies of original documents I have collected from some of his comrades. The book describes through eye-witness accounts how these young men came to sign up to join the Royal Marines, their rigid training at Achnacarry to earn their coveted green berets to become the 46 Royal Marine Commando, their special commando training and their preparation for D-Day on the Isle of Wight.

The book culminates in a detailed account of how 46 RMC liberated the French village of Rots together with the Canadian tank regiment The Fort Garry Horse. Then comes an hour by hour account of the horrific encounter with the elite 12 Waffen SS Hitlerjugend on the 11th June 1944 to liberate the village. My father often mentioned Rots and like most other veterans of 46 RMC maintained that their engagement at Rots was, to quote: Their Finest Hour. Even though this unit was later involved in many horrific battles, this one always remained vivid in my father's and his comrades’ memories. He said it was on that day that the elite of Britain confronted the elite of Germany.
Included are eye witness accounts from not only the 46 RMC, but also from some who served in the 12th SS. A veteran descibes their battle training (the Division was grounded almost at the same time as the 46RMC), as well as a collection of eye-witness accounts of what happened to them during the battle at Rots.

At the same time as 46 RMC was being formed and preparing for D-Day I have described how life was like in the village of Rots under the German occupation and how the villagers  fared during the battle. Whilst my father was alive and even now the People of Rots have never forgotten the price the 46 RMC paid for their liberation and that is why it was so important to include their story too.

Although the book primarily describes the 46 RMC it's also a story from three sides.